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N.A.E.T. was by far the most effective treatment for my son's allergy to wheat. He suffered a lot from digestive discomfort. Over the years, he tried various supplements and also had allergy shots, but nothing seemed to help besides eliminating all wheat from his diet. Now, after completing a course of N.A.E.T. treatments with Gal Bason, he is eating wheat every day with no adverse symptoms. He couldn't be happier!

Michelle B.

Concord, MA

I have had an allergy to milk products since giving birth to my first child. My ears would be itchy and at times runny.  The allergist I went to thought it was an infection caused by my scratching it. It did not clear up.

I went to my family doctor who recognized it as eczema by its smell. He gave me prescription for some cortisone drops.

This worked and it finally cleared up, but kept coming back. The doctor suggested I try an elimination diet, eliminating nuts and chocolate and one of a few common allergenic foods, dairy, eggs and wheat. Dairy was something I ate a lot of, so I started with that. The eczema did not come back until I had dairy again.

I started to come for treatment when NAET was recommended by some friends in New Hampshire.  I Looked up a practice in Massachusetts, looking for someone within a 1 hour drive. I had several months of treatment, and I did not find relief. Finances were tight, so I stopped coming. A few months later, I noticed my allergy did not come back after eating dairy. It was a pleasant surprise. I have been without the allergy now for a couple of years.

Thank you Gal Bason!

Marilyn K.
Sharon, MA

“The NAET treatment I received from Gal Bason for my seasonal Pollen Allergies has worked wonders for me.

I have not had to use any allergy medication since I completed the treatment.”

Thank you

Woburn, MA

When I first came to Gal and started with NAET treatment, I have 2 major pain issues.
I had been suffering from lower back pain for 4 years requiring frequent visit to the chiropractor and Restless Leg Syndrome - RLS for over 5 years.
working with Gal we identified flour products were causing the arthritic like symptoms and pain - I eliminated flour from my diet
and the results were dramatic within 24 hours, 80% of the pain had diminished.

Now after several treatments I am able to eat flour and other grain.
and I no longer have chronic back pain.
Gal also worked with me to address my RLS.
The pain and frequency had been increasing over 5 years. Before treatment I was taking 2-3 pills a night. 
After the treatment I have received from Gal and the techniques I have learned from her, my RLS is no longer the chronic issue it once had been.
I feel happier, healthier and stronger - Thank you Gal.

Burlington, MA

For about fifteen years I have been suffering from migraine. Some of the episodes were milder but some were so severe that I could not get up out of bed. I could not control them coming although I noticed that they were related to upset stomach and stress. 

Last spring my migraines got really bad and more and more frequent. I tried to get help through the conventional medicine but it did not work. Finally I decided to seek help from Gal. I came to see her on a day when I was really sick from yet another huge headache. I barely walked to her office. Gal helped me getting rid of the headache for the time being and we decided I come back and start the full treatment. The results coming from Gal's treatment were amazing! I do not have the migraines anymore. That is the most important accomplishment of Gal's therapy but not the only one. I have learned about food allergies that I had and got rid of them. I have also learned to understand my body and listen to the signs it sends me. I realized that one of my problems was the blockage in the stomach meridian as the pain I felt during the migraine was always along this path. It is all gone! Thank you so very much, Gal, for helping me regain the proper quality of life.

Lexington, MA


In the spring of 2011 I developed an itchy rash on my back between my shoulders from neck down.
My internist prescribed an ointment which did not help, and then I saw a dermatologist who prescribed different ointment which also did not offer any relief.
Then I met a fellow dancer who told me the he got help from NAET treatments.
His allergies were completely resolved. So I decided to try. Gal Bason was the nearest practitioner
She gave me my first treatment (evaluation) and gave me a book to read that described the discovery of NAET by Devi Nambudripad
The series of treatments for various allergens was successful in getting rid of the rash.

Thank you so much,

Ernest Khan
Sharon, MA

My son and I start seeing Dr. Bason a year ago. The progress my son who suffered from Bipolar disorder, general poor health, has been remarkable. With Dr. Bason’s care my son who could not walk up the street from our house with out getting out of breath is now hiking  an average  of  3 miles a day with an occasional 10 miles !

We are now at the point where we can began to reduce his medication. We are very excited to see how far we  will be able to do  that.

This is all been possible because of Dr. Bason help and expertise.  We are very  grateful to her she is a wonderful caring doctor.       

L.K. Lexington, MA

I went to Gal because I suffered from seasonal and food allergies. My allergies did not develop until my preteen years and they progressively got worse as I got older.  I became very sick and aggravated during the spring time and I also was not able to eat any fruits or vegetables due to what an allergist called Oral Allergy Syndrome. I went to an allergist and got an epipen because I went into anaphylactic shock from eating carrots. I considered taking allergy shots but I heard that the shots wear off after 10 years or so. Gal was able to treat all of my symptoms and I can now eat all fruits and vegetables without needing my epipen. She also treated me for chronic sinus infections and chronic UTIs. Gal is sweet, knowledgeable, and she genuinely cares about her patients. After going through this treatment, I am so grateful to have freedom from my allergies.

Marissa S. 
Topsfield,  MA

I went to see Gal Bason for NAET after suffering from allergies to dogs and cats for years. When I moved in with my fiance who had 2 cats, I was having symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing, and congestion daily. I would also have these symptoms when around dogs. After receiving the NAET treatments, my symptoms were dramatically reduced. I now have no reaction when around dogs and have been able to live happily with 2 cats in my home! The treatments themselves are calming and I always had a greater sense of well-being after an appointment. Gal is friendly, knowledgeable, and has a beautiful, relaxing office. I would highly recommend her!

Kristle Deforge , MA

I was fortunate to find Gal Bason at a time in my life when I was experiencing a lot of stress in my life.  That stress took its toll on my body - I developed adult-onset asthma, contact allergies to latex and synthetic fragrance, and had problems eating wheat and dairy.  While I saw an allergist, skin doctor, etc., none of them had the wholistic approach that is characteristic of Gal Bason.  She listens closely, explains what NAET is and what it can do, and provides a detailed treatment plan for working through all health issues, which often are related or aggravate each other. 

I was happy after my treatments, as my asthma was significantly improved, I was able to add wheat back into my diet with no negative effects, and I generally felt more relaxed and happy.  I recommend Gal Bason and NAET to anyone who feels that Western medicine alone has not addressed their health issues and is looking for alternatives that work.

Margaret Carlson
Lexington, MA

" I am a young man in my twenties and I have always suffered from constant neck and back pain. When I could not handle the pain anymore, I reached out to Gal Bason and came to her practice that very same day. An hour later I walked out without any pain! Gal, with her soothing and sound treatment, was able to treat whatever pains I had away. Additionally, she gave me clear nutritional instructions on what to put in my body that I still adhere to until today."

Thank you for everything! 

 Rabbi Avi Bukiet
 Arlington, MA


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