Gal Bason Autism Treatment With NAET
Autism Treatment With NAET
December 18, 2017
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April 29, 2019

Great News About Insurance Coverage by NAET

Gal Bason - Health Insurance by NAET

I wanted to share some exciting news with all of you. We have just received word that Solidarity Healthshare company has decided to start covering NAET services. I wanted to let all of you know so that you can advertise them and tell your patients about it. Please let me know if any of your patients do in fact get covered. I believe you will need to be very detailed and documented in terms of the visit but it should work. Here is their website:  

Also Dr. Sonja Friedbauer gave an excellent talk at the NAET symposium recently in lovely Mexico City and she just told me of a veterinarian health insurance company called “Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.”  

Pet Insurance

Please also share this with all who may be interested or sign up yourself for your pets and let them know NAET sent you =)