Dr. Gal Bason And NAET Have Been An Answer To Prayer For Our Family
November 30, 2017

How I Maintained Good Health For My Diabetic Son From Frequent Hospitalization To Extreme Sports

Type One Diabetes: The nightmare no mother wants to face.

When my son was only sixteen months old he was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.

I knew something was wrong, but at the time the doctors couldn’t figure it out. They all said he was fine.

But I knew that couldn’t be right. He had no energy, he couldn’t walk, and his eyes looked like he was going to faint. But since he was only a baby, he couldn’t talk or communicate or tell me what was wrong.

My maternal instinct saved his life.

One day when we were visiting my family in Israel I saw in his eyes that something was very wrong. I panicked and ran to the nearest emergency room. It turns out I was right. They told me that his blood sugar levels were so extremely high that he would have been in a coma (and probably would have died) if I had waited any longer to get help. I’m so lucky I listened to my maternal instinct and not to the three different doctors we had been to, who all told me that everything was fine.

Our lives would never be the same.

I was shocked and devastated. Nobody in our family had diabetes. It felt like this was coming from out of nowhere. I asked myself “how could this be?”

But I didn’t have time to feel sorry or ask questions. I immediately got into studying about everything that needed to be done to care for my son. That became my focus.

Living on eggshells.

Everything started to revolve around his illness and his needs. His pancreas couldn’t produce insulin, so we had to depend on medication and we had to measure everything he ate to calculate the sugar levels in his food. I couldn’t even continue breast feeding him anymore, because there was no way to measure my breast milk.

With medicine and care we were able to stabilize him. But kids with diabetes are at extra risk. And, for example, if they get sick with the flu or any other illness, it could potentially change their blood sugar and require emergency hospitalization. So we were always living on eggshells with my son.

Finally, a solution.

After living like this for six and a half years, a friend of mine suggested I try bringing him to a NAET practitioner we knew through friends. At that point we were desperate for any solution and open to trying anything.

My son started responding really well to the NAET treatments, but the practitioner and I both knew it would be a very long road ahead for him. So I decided to get trained in NAET so I could do the treatments for him myself. This way we wouldn’t constantly have to show up for appointments, and he could get more of what he needed.

With NAET I was able to stabilize my son’s levels so much that now, if he gets any kind of flu or illness it’s easy for him to recover quickly, instead of having to be hospitalized. I was able to keep him out of that nightmare.

I got my life back.

Because of NAET I have been able to feel more in control as his mother. I’m more confident and I can relax more with myself.

My son still needs to take insulin, but I know his immune system is strong because of the other things I’m doing.

It’s not always perfect or easy. We still have our lows. But he’s a happy kid who can enjoy life and play and do extreme sports, things that doctors thought would be too dangerous for him to do.

NAET and modern medicine.

I’m not crazy or extreme or anti-western medicine. I know my son couldn’t live without the advanced help that modern medicine provides. I am grateful for all of that.

But I know that without also focusing on the holistic aspects of his health, he would be suffering far more. He would be at risk of far more frequent hospitalization. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping other families heal themselves with NAET.

I learned from experience with my son that chronic conditions can be greatly improved when NAET is used to help curb overreactions to sensitivities and intolerances in the body.